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hi, again!

UX and I found each other on a bus stop ad, and never looked back. This field gives me the opportunity to flex my favorite professional muscles: visualization, communication, analytics, with PEOPLE at the heart of every part of the process. 

After exploring the nonprofit sector, TV/film production, and the corporate fine art world, I realized building a skillset in UX Design was the most impactful way I could use my diverse professional toolkit. The goal is to build products that move the way we move, and change the way we think.

I've always been an artist at heart. Human-centered design synthesizes my love of problem solving, visual storytelling, and human-interaction analysis. I'm drawn to dynamic environments with passionate colleagues, and thrive off of collaborative feedback.

Thanks for the read. Give me a shout! I'll be doing yoga or checking out a new rooftop brewery with my dog.


Talk soon! :) 

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